Description and reason:

     The traffic circle “Deshmoret e Kombit” is in a position for connecting the following streets and avenues:


-Mirce Acev,
-Deshmoret e Kombit (I.L. Ribar*).


  • Blagoja Toska.

    On the southwest side, city suburbs Potok, Cetinska are placed, and on the north east side the new and the old stadium are placed. This traffic circle connects the city traffic with the motorway (entry-exit) that leads to the border pass Jazince, Considering the above mentioned this part is a important traffic and esthetic object for the city Tetovo. As a solution for traffic release, but to finish the complete esthetic-urban project of this traffic circle there is a need of greening which will contribute to the decrease of the air pollution in that part.

Untitled     UntitledPlan of the project       


    Planting of evergreen plant from the species Buxus on distance of 0.2 meters, Juniperus gold on area of 0,25 m2, Juniperus communis on area of 0,25 m2, Thuja occidentalis (Smaragd) on area of 1,5 m2.

Positions where activity will take place
 P-1 (Becaton Dial-circle)

  • Becaton dial is a border line between the roadway and the traffic circle, which is going to be goal of the activities (greening and arrangement). The length of the dial is about 100 meters, and width of 50 cm, actually covers area of 50 m2 from the area of the traffic circle. For this part, 50 m2 becaton blocks are needed.

P-n (Buxsus+granula-circle)

  • On area of 250 m2 will be needed 12.5 m3 granule, on length of 528 meters will be planted 1584 plants from the evergreen species Buxus on distance of about 33.33 cm.

P-2 (Juniperus gold-circle)

  • On the area of 115 m2, 345 plants from the evergreen species Juniperus gold will be planted on distance of 0, 33 m2 in this circle from the traffic circle.


P-3 (Juniperus communis-circle)

  • On area of 90 m2 will be planted 270 plants from the evergreen species Juniperus communis on distance of 0.33 m2 in this circle from the traffic circle.

Untitled P-4 (Thuja occidentalis “Smaragd”-circle)

  • The circle of the traffic circle is centrally placed on area of 55 m2 on which 30 evergreen plants from the species Thuja occidentalis (Smaragd) will be planted.


CONCLUSION: On area of 560 m2on this traffic circle 345 plants from the evergreen species Juniperus gold will be planted, 270 from the species Juniperus communis, 1584 from the evergreen species Buxus, also 30 plants from the evergreen species Thuja occidentalis (Smaragd). In this project 560 m2 black nylon, 50 m2 concrete blocks and 12, 5 m3 granula are needed.


Working Operations

  • Marking the circles (P-)
  • Making the path (P-1)
  • Placement of black nylon
  • Bedding with granules
  • Opening holes for planting
  • Installation of irrigation system

 Required equipment and labor


 CONCLUSION: From the abovementioned tables for planting evergreen plants from the species Buxus, Juniperus gold, Juniperus communis, Thuja occidentalis (Smaragd), also concrete blocks, irrigation system, black nylon and granula, are calculated required funds for this working operation:

  • Achieving and finishing the urban, esthetic and determined look of the entrance-exit of the city Tetovo and av. Ilirija.
  • Allows preserving the air quality
  • Allows lowering the noise.


For maintaining the following course of the finished working operations determined by this project, labor, tools and mechanization will be employed which are duty and ownership of the Public Communal Enterprise JKP Tetovo- Tetovo.